I have been photographing architecture and interiors for 12 years. Clients include Michaelis Boyd Associates, Moreno:Masey, Softroom, Hanson + Confederates, Box 9, OLF Projects, VW+BS, Small Back Room, Jinny Blom, the AV group and OD Projects.

I shoot using tilt and shift lenses, and often create panoramas using these lenses, shooting the left and the right side of an image – or the top and bottom of a ‘squarer’ image – by shifting the lens side to side, or up and down. These files are then painstakingly combined in Photoshop CC to create images that are around 9000 pixels across (30 inches wide at 300dpi). Many images are composited from up to eight source files.

As well as architecture and interiors, I photograph people. This work can be seen at www.lewisohn.co.uk.

I am based in London, but shoot internationally.

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